• Why do I deal with RNL when I signed through another agent/the owner?

    We work with letting agents who have opted to separate out lettings and management. This means that you have a dedicated and experienced management team who will look after you and your property for the full period of your tenancy.

    We also work with individual landlords who may have let their property themselves, or have chosen to transfer the management to us from another agent.

  • Where is my deposit protected?

    All deposits are protected under the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and are held in a separate deposit account. You would have been provided with a copy of the TDS protection certificate and prescribed information by your letting agent.

  • Why do I have to complete a tenant condition report?

    It is important that this is completed as it gives you the opportunity to highlight any damages to the property that you are not responsible for. This must be completed within 48 hours of moving in to your property. This report will be kept on file until the end of your tenancy.

    Please note that any maintenance will need to be logged separately as a maintenance request.

  • How do I log maintenance?

    All maintenance needs to be logged via our website, under the tenant page. We cannot accept this via email or over the phone. Our online system means that you can log this 24 hours a day, and you will also receive a receipt for your records.

    If your request is urgent please also contact the office so we can take immediate action. If our office is closed please use the emergency out of hours number you have been provided with (please note that charges will apply for improper use of this number).

  • What happens to my maintenance request once it goes to RNL?

    We will check over your request to ensure this is logged to the correct property, and whether any further details are required from you, in which case we will contact you. We will then issue this to one of our contractors, or the owner for completion. Your property will receive an email confirming the task, whether this is to be completed by the owner or agent, and will give you a timescale for the work to be completed. Once the work has been carried out this will be marked as complete on our system and you will receive a completion email. If for any reason you are not happy with the work completed please contact our maintenance team.

  • How can I find out which utility companies supply my property?

    To find out who your current electric supplier is please contact MPAS: 0800 320 200, for your gas supply this would be National Grid UK: 0800 111 999. They will also provide you with your meter reference numbers which you will need should you wish to change to a different supplier.

    Yorkshire Water will supply your water and can be contacted on: 0845 124 24 24.

    On moving in to your property you will also need to register all the occupants with Leeds City Council: 0113 222 4404 or council.tax@leeds.gov.uk. The council will then issue a bill for Council Tax which will require prompt payment. If you are all students you should be exempt from payment of council tax; in order for the council to grant exemption you will need to provide them with your student exemption certificate from your University. They will then issue an exemption notice to the property.

  • Can I pay my rent in line with my student loan?

    You may pay termly provided you are not paying in arrears. Many of our tenants do this as they find it is easier to budget until their next loan comes through. If your loan schedule does not fall in line with your contracted rent dates please inform our accounts department to avoid being charged for late payment.

  • Can I pay my rent on a different date?

    Ideally, we would ask that your payments are made in line with your contract. Please first of all speak with your guarantor to see if they can assist. If you are struggling we would then need to authorise a new payment schedule with your landlord. Please contact our accounts department to discuss this.

  • Why have I been charged for my housemate's late rent?

    Under the terms of a joint and several liability contract if a tenants fails to pay their proportion of the monthly rent and does not co­operate on an individual basis we would need to inform their housemates. Please be aware that we would look to recover this from the tenant and their guarantor in the first instance.

  • What is a joint and several liability contract?

    This is where two or more people are signed to the same contract and are therefore liable as a whole.
    In terms of rental, our agreement would be an equally proportionate payment from each tenant, however should one tenant fail in their obligations we can look to recover this from the other tenant(s).
    Any charges for damages would be applied to the property as a whole with the cost split equally between all tenants. In the case where one tenant is wholly responsible for damage(s) and wishes to accept the full cost we would ask for their written confirmation before this can be removed from the other tenant(s).

  • Am I allowed to keep a pet?

    Your tenancy agreement will state that pets are not permitted in the property, however in some cases your landlord may agree to this. We would need to obtain written consent from your landlord before a pet is introduced to the property. If this is agreed we may ask for an additional payment to be made to cover any additional cleaning that may be required at the end of your tenancy.

  • Can I have my landlords details?

    Your landlords name is available to you on your tenancy agreement. RNL Property Management have been instructed to liaise with you on your landlords behalf, so any enquiries would need to come through us.

    If you do wish to speak with your landlord direct you must place this in writing and legally we have to provide this within 21 days.

  • How can I leave my contract early?

    We would firstly ask that you put your request in writing, and we can then discuss this with your landlord. It is unlikely that the landlord will agree to terminate your contract. In most cases you would need to find another tenant to take over your place on the tenancy agreement. You would remain liable for any costs on the property until a new tenant is found and has completed the relevant paperwork.

  • What is a preliminary inspection?

    A preliminary inspection would be carried out prior to the end of the tenancy, and you would have the choice to be present to discuss any issues the agent may find. This is beneficial to you as it gives you the opportunity to rectify this and avoid unnecessary charges at the end of your tenancy. We will send you an email towards the end of your tenancy offering an appointment.

  • What is the moving out process?

    A moving out pack will be hand delivered to your property explaining the process in great detail. You will also receive this information via email.

    We ask that you leave the property in a clean and tidy condition ready for any new tenants. Your keys must be returned to our office at 2 Victoria Road no later than the time specified in your moving out information. Your keys cannot be returned to your letting agent.

  • When will my deposit be returned?

    We are only able to return this once your tenancy has actually ended. Prior to the return, you would need to provide us with confirmation that your bills have been settled to the date your tenancy ends. This should include gas, electric, water and council tax. We would not process your deposit return until all bills have been received. If your rent amount is inclusive of bills you will not need to do this.

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