• What to do if you have no heating or hot water

    This may be due to low pressure on your boiler. Please follow the below steps to check:

    1. Locate the pressure gage on your boiler (this will be on the front of the boiler and will look like half a clock).

    2. The pressure should be between 1 and 1.5. If this is not the case you will need to locate the filling loop - this will be underneath the boiler, where you will see copper pipes running downwards from the boiler. There should be a bendy silver pipe (this may sometimes vary) with very small black taps at each end.

    3. Open up one of the black taps fully (you may hear the sound of water which is normal).

    4. Whilst looking at the pressure gage, open the other tap slowly. This allows the water to flow through the filling loop and in to the boiler.

    5. Once the needle reached 1 - 1.5 carefully turn both taps back to the closed position.

    6. The boiler may need to be - reset or turned off and back on again for it to register the new pressure measurement.

    7. Once the boiler is back on, run the hot tap to the sink to check if the hot water is working again. This should also mean that the heating is now working, so please also check this.

    If you are having difficulties, or have followed the above steps and still have no heating or hot water please log this as a maintenance request.

  • What to do if you have no electric in your property at all

    If you have no electric in your property at all please double check with your neighbours on the street as this may be due to maintenance works or a power cut. If this is the case it needs to be reported to Northern Power Grid: 0800 375 675.

    If you are having difficulties at all please contact our maintenance team for assistance.

  • What to do if your electrics have tripped

    First of all please check what is not working; plug sockets, lights, appliances etc.?
    Check if an RCD has tripped:
    1. Locate your fusebox and check whether any RCD switches are in the 'down' or 'off' position. This would indicate that your electrics have tripped.

    2. If you had switched on a particular light switch/socket when the electrics tripped please go to this and turn it to the 'off' position, otherwise you will need to check around the property and ensure that any light switches/sockets are turned off.

    3. Return to the fusebox and put any RCD switches back to the 'on' position. You may find that the fuse board has been labelled to advise the circuits. i.e. lights, sockets etc.

    4. You then need to go around your property turning on one light switch or socket at a time to identify what item is causing the issue. If this is a particular appliance and belongs to a tenant please advise them not to use it. If this is a light switch or an appliance belonging to the landlord please log this as a maintenance request. If you are unable to identify the issue please log this as a maintenance request and our team will contact you to advise your further.

  • What to do if there is an issue with your water supply

    If you have no supply at all or this appears to be discoloured please contact Yorkshire Water on: 0845 124 2424

  • What to do if you can smell gas in your property

    You would need to report this to Transco in the first instance: 0800 111 999. Please also inform RNL.

    We would advise you to take the following immediate action:

    • Open windows and doors to get rid of gas by ventilating the rooms.

    • Don’t touch electrical switches - turning switches on or off can ignite escaping gas.

    • Extinguish all naked flames.

    • Turn off gas at the valve unless the meter is in the basement or cellar - if you smell gas there, evacuate the building.

    • Don’t smoke or strike matches.

  • What to do if your radiators are not heating properly

    1. Please turn your heating on and check that all the TRV's (the temperature gage to the radiator) are turned on.
    1. 2. You then need to check all radiators in the property for cold spots (usually at the top of the radiator). Please just be careful not to burn yourself whilst doing this!
    3. Turn your heating off and allow your radiators to cool before bleeding them where required:
    Bleeding radiators usually requires a radiator key, but with more modern radiators you can use a flat­blade screwdriver. At the top of the radiator at one end there will be a valve. You can attach the radiator key to the square bit in the centre or put the end of the screwdriver into the groove.
    Hold the key or screwdriver with a cloth, and have another cloth ready to catch any drips, then slowly turn the radiator key or screwdriver anti­clockwise – if air is escaping you’ll hear a hissing sound.
    Once there is no more air, liquid will come out and the valve will need to be closed quickly. Please be aware that sometimes water can squirt out and can be boiling hot.
    4. Releasing the air from the system can cause the pressure on the boiler to drop. Check the pressure by having a look at the gauge on your boiler. If the pressure is too low, you’ll need to ‘top up’. You can do this by following the instructions under 'What to do if you have no heating or hot water'.

  • What to do if your light bulbs do not work

    It is tenant responsibility to change light bulbs except in the case where doing so could endanger you (this is too high to reach or above a stairway).

    If you are unable to change your light bulbs we would ask that you please purchase however many bulbs you require and leave them in the property for our contractor to change for you. Please log this as a maintenance request.

    If you have changed the light bulb and this still does not work there may be an issue with the fitting. Please log this as a maintenance request.

  • What to do if your smoke detectors are bleeping periodically

    The battery will require changing. This would be tenant responsibility unless the detector is too high to reach or could be hazardous (ie above a flight of stairs). If this is the case please log this as a maintenance request.

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